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Chairman Message

The Ebrahim Al Mulla and Partners Advocates and Legal Consultants Law Firm is unique in itself and has been since our inception in 1991 as we are committed in developing our own approach to solving all types of legal matters for our clients by not only working on their legal cases but also in advising them on how best to avoid and/or reduce the effects of any legal impacts for current or future cases. This is done through encouraging all members of the Firm to rely on the principle of accurate legal analysis, integration and negotiation.
We do not rush in our decisions – our team works closely with the client to provide them with a clear vision of how their case is held under the light of the law to guide them through the provisions in the most accurate and suitable way.

Our offices include a large team of lawyers, legal consultants and their support staff from different Arab and international countries with high qualifications and extensive experience, working side by side to achieve one goal, enabling them to deal with all cases before the courts and arbitration inside and outside the country.

Our lawyers are clear, punctual, and highly efficient, making us qualified to be the first recourse to our clients to assist them in seeking solutions from simpler cases to the most challenging legal challenges they face.

We look forward to working with you and building a strong case and a long lasting relationship.