Corporate and Commercial Law


– Commercial Agencies and Commercial Franchise Agreements: Our office assists local clients in formulating and reviewing commercial agency contracts, assisting foreign clients in selecting local commercial agents and/or sponsors and reviewing and registering commercial agency contracts. We consult and assist in the procedures of distribution and franchising and provide legal advice related to such contracts so as to ensure that our clients have a smooth business practice.
– Commercial papers: We provide legal advice regarding commercial papers (Such as Bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes, etc)
– Acquisitions and Merger: We prepare and consult on purchase contracts for the assets of existing and/or registered institutions as well as merge contracts, perform legal status audits and manage the organisation or virtual corporate date files and the main business contracts of the company (Eg: Franchise contracts, statutes and official licenses, registering of trademarks or other intellectual property rights, insurance contracts, etc)
– Corporate Governance Activity: Our services in this area include studying and reviewing Corporate Governance documents, establishing mechanisms and procedures for the work of the Board of Directors and committees